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We proudly deliver waste solutions to our residential, industrial and commercial customers. Whether it’s solid waste, recycling, or consulting, we are here to serve you. Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to build something meaningful for future generations

The Orion Waste Vision

Orion Waste Solutions is a full-service waste management, recycling, and environmental services company. We are capable, experienced, and ready to respond to your municipality, commercial, industrial, and government entities’ needs in all solid waste management services. Whether it’s collection programs, environmental, transfer stations or landfill operations, Orion can handle it all.

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About Commercial Solid Waste Collection

From dumpsters to recycling bins to compactors, we have collection containers that fit your needs and service schedules that meet your demand – on time, every time. Not sure what waste solution best suits your business needs? Our industry pros will provide a free waste stream assessment based on your typical waste types, volumes, seasonal increases, and other factors. Together, we’ll create a plan that meets your budget and sustainability goals.

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