City of Lowell Trash Collection Program

Orion Waste Solutions is a full-service waste management, recycling, and environmental services company. Orion is proud to provide the City of Lowell, Arkansas with complete curbside waste, residential waste, recycling, and bulk pickup.

Sign-Up for Trash Service


All citizens of Lowell will now be serviced by Orion Waste Solutions. Please fill out the following information to update your account.


What are the costs for trash service in the City of Lowell?

ORION WASTE BILLS QUARTERLY-JULY 1ST, OCTOBER 1ST, JANUARY 1ST , AND APRIL 1ST Bills are due upon receipt. However, your service will be discontinued if balance due is not paid within 30 days from invoice date and subject to additional reconnect fees and City Ordinance violations.

What can I recycle?

What is the schedule for holidays?

There is a one-day delay in service on following holidays with regular schedules resuming the following week. For example if your regular pickup day is a Tuesday, and it falls on a holiday, you will be serviced Wednesday. If the holiday falls on a weekend day, there is no delay in service.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day